How can you tell a story that creates trust and makes you stand out from the crowd?
The answer is through your real life, human interest, case studies.
They are a credible way of showing the difference you can make, using examples that people can relate to and understand.

Case studies can be used for:

Marketing: Case studies lie at the heart of your content marketing strategy. According to the CMI, over 70% of marketers use them. They can be used on your website- in blogs posts, on your home page or on a dedicated case studies or success stories page. They are perfect for sharing on social media and can be used in newsletters, publications, for email marketing, digital advertising, advertorials and presentations. They underpin your brand by illuminating and illustrating what it stands for. And they can be shared to boost ‘word of mouth’ influence.

They provide in depth knowledge of how your services or products are being used.

Learning: They can be used to provide insight and training.

Funding: Human interest case studies have the ability to make an emotional connection. They bring issues to life and showcase the value of your services to potential donors.

Research shows that emotions play a major part in delivering engagement and influencing choices.
Using our experience as journalists, authors and storytellers, we find and research the best case studies for your business or organisation. Then we tell them in words, images, or videos, in a way that creates empathy and engagement.