At Real People we create emotionally engaging content, helping brands to make long lasting connections using the power of storytelling.

We have a trusted network of hand-picked journalists, carefully selected for their skills in sourcing stories, for their ability to interview with insight, and for their expertise in telling stories in a way that triggers emotion.

They can tap into the experiences and passions of your employees, partners and customers, to find and tell rich, real life, stories. This is the content that gives your brand personality, bringing facts to life, moving your audience both intellectually and emotionally.

Stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts alone. They can be told in words, images and video, providing ongoing content for websites, social media, publications, and media relations. They can also be used for internal communications, helping you to talk to your workforce, or connecting and inspiring employees.

We produce emotionally engaging articles, website content, blog posts, case studies, newsletters, native advertising, videos and more.

Our team are skilled at wrapping up your facts and key messages in a way that makes people engage with your brand.

We love sharing the emotion behind your stories, the knowledge and drive of your experts, the real people feelings of your customers and your team. That’s what people want to read, listen to and watch. It’s what they remember.